Travel Questions: Thinking & Planning Stage!

I have always wanted to travel, from going on holidays with my parents as a small child, I just wanted to explore the whole world!

I’ve been very lucky in terms of family holiday destinations: Tunisia, Fuerteventura (Spain), Turkey, Greece, Dominican Republic and by far my favourite; Kenya on safari!

I know I am incredibly lucky to have been to these places but I have always wanted so much more in a ‘holiday’ than just lying on a beach, drinking cocktails and dining in a 5* restaurant.. don’t get me wrong, those things are all perfect in small doses but for me it’s all about the Adventure! The beautiful views from the aeroplane window, the little trinkets that are handcrafted by locals and the traditional dining menus in smaller eateries..

My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years and he’s always known my dream of travelling but is apprehensive of the unknown. However exciting it may appear from the outside, he’s the one making me think more about what I want to do and helping me to make sense of it all and not to just grab a backpack and go jumping on the next plane! We are excited about the future and the prospect of saving for our adventures abroad, we have started reading up on places that are a little ‘Off the Beaten Track’ and thought about countries we’d love to visit (i’ll be doing a post on this later).

I do have quite a few questions though and for anyone that might be able to answer any of them would be a great and helpful insight! I’d be super thankful for it!

So here we go:

1. How much did you save for the duration of travelling? (2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months..)

2. Was it what you expected it would be?

3. Was it scary to take the plunge and go for it? ( in terms of booking and setting off)

4. How long did it take you to decide which places to go?

5. What made you decide on where to visit?

Any insight of input would be very much appreciated!!


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