All About Angie..

I thought this would be something a little bit of fun to tell you a little bit about me:

Age? 21

Where Were You Born? Stafford, West Midlands, UK

Star Sign: Scorpio

How Tall Are You? 5″3

In a Relationship? 4 Years (in 4 weeks time) and living together

Any Pets? Cavalier King Charles named Stig and we used to have a hamster named Harry

Any Tattoos? I have a skull & roses on my left thigh and a swallow on my right shoulder.

Piercings? I used to have 8 but now i only have my ears pierces normally

Favourite Authors? Michael Morpurgo, Cecelia Ahern and Cathy Glass

Music Tastes? I’ll listen to near enough everything! Although i draw the line at Operatics and Gangsta Rap

Favourite Films? Grease, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Forest Gump, The Green Mile

Fears? Water Spiders and the feeling of Falling

Favourite Food? Noodles!

Favourite Piece of Make Up? Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara

Where I Love to Shop? Local Boutiques, Markets, Asos, Monki, TK Maxx, Romwe, Forever21

Countries i’d love to visit the most? Thailand, USA, Italy and Ireland


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